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The most famous paintings collected in a single exhibition

Inventor, engineer, anatomist, thinker, man of science, and above all a painter: the Museum’s hall of paintings collects Leonardo’s most famous and important masterpieces: from the Mona Lisa to the Vitruvian Man, a precious dive into history to experience the artistic taste and the sensitivity of a genius, forever engraved in these timeless paintings.

Our Experience gives you the opportunity to discover the uniqueness and the mysteries that lie behind Leonardo’s works of art: why does the Mona Lisa seem to follow the people who look at her with her gaze? …and what are the studies behind the creation of the Vitruvian Man? The Hall of Paintings is ready to reveal these and other secrets to those who wish to delve into the great art of the Florentine genius.

Born in 1452 in Anchiano, in the municipality of Vinci (Florence), Leonardo dedicated his life to the study of every possible field of knowledge, succeeding in the challenge of combining a scientific researcher and artist in a single person: he is therefore a real icon of the Renaissance.



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Monday thru Sunday: 09:30 – 19:00


Adults: 12,00 €
Children (6-15 years): 10,00 €

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Via della Conciliazione, 19/21 – 00193 Roma Italy

(Leonardo Da Vinci Museum Experience is located 100mt from St. Peter’s Basilica)

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