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Catapulta ad arco Leonardiana

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The original drawing can be found on sheet 140r of the Atlantic Code , at the "Veneranda Biblioteca Ambrosiana" in Milan.


Many are the catapults, ballistas and trabucchi designed by Leonardo. In this case the force provided by two bow-shaped crossbows is transferred to the throwing arm with ropes, through a rotating drum.


The machine could be loaded quickly thanks to a cogwheel, held by the mechanism that was triggered with the help of a heavy sledgehammer. This is a drawing full of details that made it easy to reconstruct, with the features designed by Leonardo da Vinci.


The model is functional and uses the same devices designed by Leonardo, allowing you to throw a small object at a short distance by pressing on the trigger mechanism. Completely made of natural wood, without varnishes or surface treatments, it will allow you to colour or refine it according to your personal taste. The instructions inside will guide you, step by step, to assemble it easily and without errors.

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