Quadrella Arcangelo Gabriele Leonardo Da Vinci Experience Roma

After Ernesto Solari’s discovery, the museum in Via della Conciliazione will host the only reproduced piece of the depiction of Archangel Gabriel, in a worldwide exclusive, until 30 September 2018. The work attributed to the Tuscan genius was made when he was 19: a square tile, painted and signed by Leonardo and dated April 1471. The museum will also host the machine to make tiles that was designed by Leonardo based on one of his drawings kept in the Windsor Royal Collection

ROME – Leonardo Da Vinci Experience Museum in Via della Conciliazione in Rome will host, in a worldwide exclusive the only reproduced piece of the Archangel Gabriel, the first painting made by the Tuscan genius that was discovered and announced by Ernesto Solari, a Leonardo scholar of international renown. The museum in Via della Conciliazione, which was already famous for its collection of the most faithful pictorial reproductions in the world of the Renaissance genius’s works, will show in its premises up until the 30th of September 2018 the oldest work made by a very young Leonardo, signed and dated 1471: a terracotta square tile  (20×20 cm.) with a glazed depiction of the Archangel Gabriel, presumably made by the Tuscan genius when he was 19 in his grandfather’s kiln in Bacchereto. Inside its five themed rooms,  Leonardo Da Vinci Experience Museum will also show a full-size machine to make tiles, the only one in the world, which was designed by Leonardo Da Vinci based on one of the 600 drawings made by the master and kept in Windsor Royal Collection.